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Private Label manufacturing

We pride on being the private label manufacturer’s for our prestigious retail customers, some of which are the biggest retail giants in the country. From importing the best produce, sorting, grading, quality analysis, packaging, labelling and logistics we cover all aspects of the private label operation. We invest our time and people skills to add efficacy, value and quality to your business. The main objective is to provide our customers with complete turnkey private labeling solutions.

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Curated with care

If you are looking for that perfect crunch, flavour, texture or taste we are all ears and hands to dive deep into our treasure chest of recipes. At Candor we have a dedicated food technologist for every account, who works closely with you to develop the best and most accurate product for you with utmost discretion.

Flavoured Cashew

launch your range

Once the initial recipes are locked we can work with you to curate different versions of your products to enable you to launch a full range with the option of package sizes.

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Inhouse label and artwork creation

At Candor we have our inhouse team of graphic designers that can create the most eye catching labels by employing their design skills and parallely engaging with vendors that provide the latest in printing technology.

From foiling, screen printing, pouch designing and scodix we have a plethora of options that you can choose from the comfort of our office.

Contract Manufacturing

Candor Foods is the most versatile and diversified contract manufacturing and packaging company in the country. With over four decades of experience in the import of nuts, dry fruits, dates and seeds we have access to a judicious mix of suppliers of various raw materials to satisfy our customer requirements. 


We follow a simple yet detailed approach towards executing projects for our clients so as to give them a complete package of services replete with all minor and major aspects of food manufacturing right from sample development and trials, laboratory testing, packaging formats and all of this with strict formal NDA guidelines in place.

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Non Disclosure agreement

Once you decide to manufacture/ package/process with us we sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) that protects your intellectual property and gives both parties, the confidence and the reassurance of working together with all our Candor.

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Competency & Reliability of Suppliers

Over four decades of experience in imports have enabled us to establish an extensive network of trustworthy suppliers for raw materials. At Candor we work closely with you to understand your raw material requirements and source the same if need be, so that you can spend more time designing and developing than scouting.


Product testing & sampling

A series of extensive sampling tests are done to get the product right, once approved the recipes are locked and tested for nutritional information. At this point the project is evaluated for commercials and the same along with feedback and recommendations is shared with the customer. Once the sensory testing is approved, the food technologist then drafts the mandates in terms of raw materials, processes and testing parameters. The next step is to train the production team and communicate food handling parameters.

Food Entrepreneur Program

At Candor, we are always enthused about working with fresh ideas and fresh energy. We have found success in working with nutritionists and food technologists over the years and have developed some very exciting product ranges, most of which have garnered a great response from consumers across. We have recently launched the Food Entrepreneur Program to give budding entrepreneurs, who wish to create their own brands through curated products a launchpad. As part of this program, we provide to the entrepreneurs' services such as sample creation and standardization, procurement, research and development, nutrition and shelf-life testing, sensory analysis, packaging consultations, designing creatives, and last but not the least sales channels through our own platforms like retail stores and those of our distributors

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