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A legacy of over three generations, Candor Foods finds its roots in the dry fruit and nut-rich lands of Kandahar. Our parent company JTC has been in the business of dry fruit, nut, and date imports for over forty years now. Through our goodwill and patronage, we have been able to establish a valuable network of suppliers throughout the world. Today we import over 35 different products from over 15 countries around the world.

The company was established in the year 2011 to add value to the food industry by way of implementing the highest levels of food safety compliance and producing clean label products. The name Candor was chosen with great thought and introspection, as the company was envisioned to be one that would only follow the most honest practices in their thoughts and actions and exhibit the highest level of behavior towards its people, customers, and partners.

In the year 2016, we set up our first 35,000 sq ft BRC certified facility at the industrial zone in Navi Mumbai. The company grew in its capacity and people and was the packaging partner for eminent modern retail companies of India. It was also around this time that the company created its in-house brand, Carnival. The brand was created as a staple brand to cater to the daily needs of households for quality dry fruits and nuts. Today Carnival finds a home in over 25 million households across the country.

We set up our first almond cracking facility in the year 2017, in the heart of MIDC, Navi Mumbai. The facility enables us to crack, sort, and clean approximately 12 tonnes of almonds that we import from countries worldwide directly, enabling a quicker turnaround time for our customers.

The brand KRACKNUT, our range of coated baked and flavored peanuts was registered in the year 2018 and production ensued to take the same into the retail markets. By 2021 Kracknut sailed the seas and was exported to the international markets.

The year 2019 saw our dream take flight through our facility Surya. Surya is a state-of-the-art 30,000 sq ft fully automated nut processing and extrusion snack-making facility. With an output capacity of 14 tonnes per day for roasted and processed nuts, Surya has enabled us to multiply our output four folds and will enable us to leverage the capacity to cater to the growing demand for nuts-based products in the retail segment.

The year of the pandemic 2020 allowed us to service household demands for nuts and dry fruits amidst the peak of the lockdown through our employees and their families. This gave us the idea to come up with our e-commerce site www. handful of health. in. The name was again chosen to keep in mind the benefits that a handful of nuts can give your body when consumed daily. The online stint was a success and led us to set up over five retail outlets in the same brand across India. In the coming year, we aim to scale up to 25 stores across the country.

In the year 2021, Kracknut sailed the seas and found a home in the markets of Mauritius. This year will also see the brand enter UAE.

A decade and three production facilities later, we pride ourselves on having earned the patronage of some of the biggest retail giants in the country. We have grown from a team of 15 to a 250 member team.

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