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The Snack market BINGE

The Snacking market has seen a surge in the last two years. If the pandemic drove people into their homes, it also drove them out of their comfort zones. As people indulged in cooking meals, the social media was abuzz with reels, images and stories of recipes, food pictures and vlogs.There has been a surge in the healthy snacking category. The reasons fuelling the growth of this category being.

Buying in bulk due to retail formats has become a common habit.

Awareness about newer ingredients and innovative ways of incorporating them into diets.

The emergence of nuclear families increasing the need for quick, easy and healthy go to meals, especially incase of both partners working.

The need for easy to carry nutrition dense mid day meals in convenient packs.

Change in meal patterns, increase in disposable incomes, fewer avenues to spend the earnings post pandemic and the desire to try out newer products have all factored the growth of the snack market.

The On The Run Coffee Bite from the house of Candor checks all the boxes as a nutritious, tasty, convenience based mid day snack.

On The Run Coffee Bite is your bite size rendition of the classic coffee beverage. It is the perfect blend of Robusta coffee and cocoa powder in a highly nutritious bite sized snack made with the goodness of dates, cashew nuts and almonds for the perfect sweetness and crunch.

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