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A celebration of life.

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The Indian food space has seen a regulatory revolution of sorts in the last decade with a plethora of products homemade and imported flooding the retail shelves. In a highly competitive commodity market of nuts, dry fruits, dates, nuts, etc we always felt the gap by way of the sector being non-compliant and un organized in terms of packaging, product hygiene, product traceability, and nutritional information. Carnival was launched in the year 2012 to provide clean labels to our customers in the staple category of nuts, dry fruits, and processed nuts and dry fruits category. We currently pack over 180 SKUs in this category each of which is cleaned, processed, and packaged in a BRC certified facility with the right information on the packages in terms of batch numbers, date of packing, history of the product, and nutritional information.

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The taste that rules the most august company and delights the most discerning of connoisseurs. “ The Royal Delight ” brand is our range of dates. From Oman, Safavi, Mabroom, and Medjoul we import, sort, clean and package the best quality in dates. Sourced from the rich, fertile, and bountiful farms from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Israel, this is what royalty tastes like

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Bindaas Khaneka

When life throws you a curveball all you need to be is a Kracknut to just tackle it all. Light, fluffy, crispy, nutty, and a whole lot like LIFE enjoy our line of baked coated peanuts that will give a fresh perspective to your sheng-chana snacking. Our peanuts are sourced from the farmers in Gujarat, India giving them an opportunity for sustainable farming. The peanuts are then carefully sorted, cleaned, and roasted at the precise temperature to bring out the perfect flavor. Once roasted the peanuts are coated with a unique blend of Amaranth, Ragi, and Maize to form light yet crunchy coating and are delightfully seasoned to form the perfectly enticing peanut snack! Being baked, NOT FRIED, Kracknut has a low saturated fatty acid value below 7% which is among the lowest in this category. Kracknut comes in three flavors: Thai Firangi, Tandoori Toofan, and Pudina Patakha.

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When you love the food you eat, its energy is better absorbed by the body, keeping your vitality high. And under our brand OnTheRun, we have products for every part of your day to make sure you’re energizing your body with every meal! Under the OnTheRun brand we have a diverse portfolio of clean label products that is ever expanding. We are currently catering to the Energy Bars market with our OTR Bars in 4 flavours, Cereal market with our first ever 5 Indian super grAin all natural Cereal and the Snack market with our healthy assortment of trail mixes and baked puffs.

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Our association with the king of dates is over four decades old. We are proud to have had Haidikaliam as our partner for procuring the king of dates- Medjoul. Founded in 1982, Hadiklaim Date Growers Cooperative brings together some of the world’s leading producers of top-quality dates. Today Candor Foods is the largest importer of King Solomon Medjoul dates in the country.

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