Product Development

At Candor new product development is at the heart of our operations. It is an honest endeavour at Candor to provide customers with products that are sustainable, improve the quality of their lives and have a positive impact on the environment and society. We are constantly engaging our resources into creating products that caters to key consumer trends and enables us move into newer markets.

Private Label

We pride on being the packaging partner for some of the biggest retail giants in the country. At Candor, we hold their faith in our people, processes and systems in the highest regard. From importing the best produce, sorting, grading, quality analysis, packaging and logistics we cover all aspects of the private label operation.


At Candor we endeavour to exhibit the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards our customers, employees and suppliers. We are proud of our stringent quality standards across all verticals of Food processing, a habit and a culture that has helped the company to effortlessly adopt even higher standards of food handling and safety practices in the scenario of the pandemic. Every year we voluntarily undergo the BRC Audit to keep ourselves in check and inculcate the discipline of following practices and confirming to food safety standards at every stage of product management. We are proud to have earned a BRC Grade A certification for the third consecutive year since 2018.

Retail Outreach

Handful of Health is a registered brand of Candor Foods Pvt Ltd. At Candor, our endeavour is to make health foods accessible, available and affordable across all sections of society. Through Handful of Health, we aim to deliver quality products to our customers and hold their hand in their journey to a healthier life. At Handful of Health, we believe in the age old dictum ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ -Greek Physician Hippocrates. The benefits of eating a handful of dry fruits and nuts everyday are many. You can choose from a range of dry fruits, dates, nuts, energy bars and munchies to improve your lifestyle. Your health now comes hand delivered at our ecommerce platform www. We are also expanding our retail leg of the business through our elegantly designed physical stores. We have currently three stores in Mumbai and are aiming at expanding to over 15 in the next year across India. Click to view our entitre range of products here. Click to take a tour of our stores here.

Food Entrepreneur Program

At Candor we are always enthused about working with fresh ideas and fresh energy . We have found success in working with nutritionists and food technologists over the years and have developed some very exciting product ranges, most of which have garnered a great response from consumers across. We have recently launched the Food Entrepreneur Program to give budding entrepreneurs, who wish to create their own brands through curated products a launchpad .As part of this program we provide to the entrepreneurs services such as market acceptance research, procurement, research and development, nutrition and shelf life testing,sensory analysis, packaging consultations, designing creatives and last but not the least sales channels through our own platforms and those of our distributors.
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